This has been a detailed discussion of the PASSAP form programme. It is my hope that this information will aid you in designing your own form programmes or in modifying existing programmes. During my experiments I have occassionally gotten the console stuck on the wait message. If this happens to you and it doesn't clear up in a minute or so, just turn off the console and turn it on again after a few seconds. Then check your form programme and make adjustments.

If you want to write your own form programmes, a great way to start is by finding a pre-existing form programme, analyzing it, and making modifications. The Form Computer Instruction Book and the later PASSAP Model Books are all great starting points. These are available for download from Machine Knitting Etc. To analyze an existing form programme, draw a line between line numbers 7 and 8. Above the line write 'initialization.' Next to line number 8, identify the shaping subroutine and number of instructions included in the subroutine. Count down by the number instructions indicated and draw a line beneath the last instruciton for the subroutine. Then go on to identify the remaining subroutines in the same manner. Once the subroutines are all identified, go back and identify the individual shaping instructions.

The Form Programmme Editor takes much of the drudgery out of writing and analyzing form programmes. You should give it a try once you have a good understandng of the basics of form programmes.

There is also a simple form programme generator on our sister site,, for making basic sweater shapes. Many people report good results with this generator, but it is based on the initial research I conducted in 2009. Please be sure to test any form programme throughly before using it to knit.

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