Please enjoy these complimentary programs, utilities, and patterns of interest to all Passap E6000 owners courtesy of

Card Reader Technique Generator: Create your own knit techniques that can be programmed into your E6000 using the card reader. Recommended for experienced Passap knitters only.

Form Programmes Explained, Revised Edition: Ever wonder about all those mysterious codes that make up form programmes? Do you want to modify existing programmes or even try to write your own from scratch? This article explains the overall structure of the programmes and the meaning of many of the codes in detail. Revised on May 1, 2016 to include ALL the shaping codes.

Short Row Pillow: Knit a 16 inch round pillow all in one piece, front and back, using short rowing. This pattern features a form programme I wrote myself.

Form Programme Generator: Create your own form programmes for basic sweater shapes with this generator.

More freebies soon...