Journal Six Frequently Asked Questions

Which operating systems does Journal Six run under?
Windows XP (service pack 2 or better), Vista, and Window 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.
Will Journal Six run on a Mac or Linux?
How do I set the stitch pattern area in the sketchbook?
Use the lasso tool (dashed square with plus sign in lower right corner) to select the stitch pattern area.
How do I copy and paste in the sketchbook?
Use the eyedropper tool with the left or right mouse button to set the fill pattern for one of the buttons to the area you want to copy. Then use the stamp tool paste the image wherever you like.
Can I export stitch patterns as bitmaps?
Yes, select the stitch pattern on the stitch pattern page and click "Export" button.
How do I use the ABC key when knitting a downloadable chart?
When the console displays the PATTERN A (or B or C), press ENT. Do not press the ABC key. Pressing the ABC key will cause you to skip to the next pattern. If you have drawn only one line for the cast on, when you see END CAST ON, you have to press the ABC key. This will be the only time you will press the ABC key.
Where can I get form programmes? Are any included in Journal Six?

You can enter form programmes from the PASSAP Model Books and Duet Magazines into Journal Six for easy reference, but the software does not include a library of form programmes built-in. There are also some form books published by various authors. These sometimes come up for sale on eBay. There is a basic form programme generator available on this site.

Journal Six also supports a special kind of form programme called a chart. This is similar to the old Form 6 software. Basically, you draw a picture of the shape you want to knit in the sketchbook and then download it to the console. Please check the Journal Six Manual for more information on charts.

Why do I get an error message when I start the program?
You are most likely logged onto the computer as a regular user, not an administrator. Due to a bug in the installation process, you cannot write to the database unless you running with administrative rights. This will be corrected in a future version. In the meantime, be sure to either log into your computer as an administrator or fix permissions.
How do I get my question answered if it is not listed here?
Just send an e-mail to admin at passappal dot com.