Infinite Loop Knitting is the site for web apps and tutorials to make your knitting easier and more creative. Both machine and hand knitters will find the resources they need to bring their knitting to the next level. Explore and enjoy!

Tutorials (Updated 3.23.2018)

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Learn how to knit multi-round stripes without jogs or holes. HK

Learn how to knit one round stripes two different ways, but never combine the two methods. The One Round Stripes tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to knit perfect one round stripes. HK

Does your circular knitting show a significant jog or stairstep at the beginning? It's caused by joining the first round of knitting to the cast-on round. What you really want to do is join the cast-on round to itself. A good way to do this when using a long tail cast-on is to use a new (to me at least) technique that I discovered. The Wag Your Tail Jogless Join creates a completely invisible join. HK

Learn how to write your own form programmes! Form Programs Explained dives into all the codes that make up the form programmes used by the PASSAP E6000 knitting machine. The information presented also applies to the PASSAP Form Computer, Superba Digiform, and Magimaille. MK

Garment Drafting (Updated 11.28.2016)

MK Design a pullover (aka jumper) and knit it on your knitting machine. Start by entering your body measurements and gauge. Then design your garment with our visual and interactive interface. When you are satisified with your creation,view row by row instructions for knitting the garment.


MK PASSAP Form programmes are a very useful feature of the PASSAP E6000 knitting machine. This form programme editor will allow you to analyze your existing form programmes and even write new form programmes, quickly and easily. The form programme editor also applies to the PASSAP Form Computer, Superba Digiform, and Magimaille.

Form Programme Editor

My Stuff


Well, actually it's your stuff. Throughout this site you will see buttons to add custom generated patterns and other items to My Stuff. Added items appear in the My Stuff menu on the navigation bar above and are kept in your web browser's local storage for easy access at a later date.

Graph Paper


Designing knits often starts with sketching on graph paper. If you are designing stitch patterns, you want graph paper that matches your knitting gauge so that designs aren't distorted. Our custom knitter's graph paper generator will create the perfect grid. You can even include an image file.

Graph Paper for Stitch Patterns

If you are looking to draft a garment pattern, you can create graph paper with a sloper of your measurements pre-printed on it. This is great for sketching sweater designs.

Graph Paper with Sloper