Software Designs by Jennifer L Schmidt,
Contact: Jennifer L Schmidt,


Free Knitting App for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Magic Count, a new app available at the Apple app store for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, takes row counting to your mobile device. The interface is clean and elegant with a short learning curve. Unlimited counters are available to track several projects simultaneously.

Counting is as simple as tapping. Yet, this row counter also does sophisticated calculations and features pop-up reminders for shaping instructions, motif placements, and miscellaneous notes. Do you need to increase or decrease stitches evenly over a range of rows? Rather than breaking out the calculator, just enter the information on the shaping tab to add reminders at the appropriate row counts.

This app even handles shaping instructions for circular knitting where you are knitting the front and back of a sweater at the same time. Shaping may occur at the beginning and/or end of the row or distributed across the row, on all rows or alternate rows.

The motif placement tab calculates placement of buttonholes, cables, and other design elements within a row. Use the simple reminder tab for anything else that needs tracking.

When the counter advances to a reminder, the reminder page appears automatically. The reminder page features a highlighter that highlights each section of the instruction as it is worked.

Independent software developer, Jennifer Schmidt, states that "being both a software developer and a knitter gives me unique insights to both endeavors. I am especially pleased with Magic Count; it solves an essential need for knitters and is a pleasure to use. I hope that you, too, will find my knitting apps useful and enjoyable."

Magic Count is free and includes a 5 minute tutorial video to get you up and running quickly.