Journal Six, CAD Software for PASSAP E6000 Knitting Machine

Journal Six is Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for the PASSAP E6000 Knitting Machine. It is Windows software and will run on Windows XP or better, including Windows 10. The software is now being distributed on a freeware basis.

The Journal Six installation program will install the following items on your computer.

Installing Journal Six

  1. Download the Journal Six zip file.
  2. Extract (unzip) all the files in the zip file to a folder of your choosing, which will be referred to as the “install folder” in these instructions.
  3. Open the install folder.
  4. If your Windows user account does not have full administrative rights, give your account permission to write to the Journal Six database.
  5. Double click setup.exe. DO NOT install the MSI file. Doing so will result in an incomplete installation.
  6. Follow the easy on screen instructions to install the Journal Six files.
  7. Start Journal Six by double clicking the Journal Six icon located on your desktop.
  8. Once Journal Six has started, click on the User Manual link and follow the instructions for configuring Journal Six to work with the your E6000 and printer. It is highly recommended that you read the entire manual before beginning to work with Journal Six. It will save you a lot of frustration.

Importing Built-in Stitch Patterns

If you want to see the stitch patterns already built into the E6000 console, follow the steps below. It is not necessary, but you may prefer to be able to refer to the stitch patterns while using Journal Six.

  1. Close Journal Six if it is open.
  2. Open the install folder that you created when you extracted (unzipped) the Journal Six zip file.
  3. Run ConsoleImport.exe.
  4. Verify that the stitch patterns have been imported.
    1. Open Journal Six.
    2. Go to the stitch patterns chapter.
    3. Click on one of the console stitch patterns.
    4. Use the magnifier to enlarge the stitch pattern and observe that it is there.

Getting Help

The best place to get help is by reading the user manual. Click the user manual link in the software to read illustrated step by step instructions for every feature of the software.

Because this software is now distributed as freeware, I cannot answer questions on an individual basis. Please go to the Journal Six Support group if you need additional help using the software.